Sauna at a high level – in our rooms you can find four cubicles:

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is probably the best known type of sauna. A temperature of around 90°C and very low humidity stimulate perspiration. Our sauna offers plenty of space on different levels. Newcomers should start out with a brief spell of around 8 minutes on the lowest level bench, while experienced sauna-goers often spend well over 20 minutes at a time in the sweat box next to our swimming pool on the ground floor. After a session in the sauna, you should take a cold shower and cool your body up towards the heart. It is not advisable to plunge into the swimming pool straight after the sauna.
Phoenix Essen offers a full wellness programme every Thursday and Sunday. On the hour every hour (Thursdays from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. and Sundays from 3 p.m.- 8 p.m.), we offer different infusions in the sauna, salt peeling, birch twig infusions and plenty of fresh fruit and other snacks.

Steam Sauna

What would a visit to Phoenix in Essen be without a visit to our popular steam sauna? A constant temperature of 42°C and the pleasant, beneficial effects of steam infused with aromatic oils help to revitalise you and your skin. The steam room is designed along the lines of a labyrinth, with a maze of small and narrow passageways to explore. On one side they are a little brighter, and more low-lit on the other.


The temperatures in the sanarium are lower than in a classic (Finnish) sauna, generally around 45-60 °C at a humidity of approx. 40-55%. Essential oils vaporise in a copper kettle above the stove, and mood lighting changes between four different colours to restore harmony to your body and mind. The colours have the following effects:

RED stimulates vitality and activity
BLUE strengthens the nerves and relaxes the body
ORANGE enhances cell renewal and strengthens the lungs
GREEN has a calming effect and enhances equilibrium


The caldarium is part of the classic Roman sweat bath, a type of sauna. It usually takes second place to the sauna. The caldarium is a room in which the walls and benches emit a constant heat of 40 to 50° C. At almost 100 %, the humidity is very high. This type of bath is said to be good for the circulation and encourages relaxation of the muscles. Added aromatic essences have a stimulating effect and are beneficial to the respiratory system. The caldarium can also be used to prepare for a hotter, dryer sauna.